We were established in 2008 and have been in existence for almost a decade. We were primarily focused on book-keeping and Tax related matters.

    "A decade of quality financial services"


    Moeletsi Capital aim to be seen as the preferred provider of best value financial advisory and associated services.


    Our mission is to aid and enable growth of SMMEs by offering them best value financial advisory and associated services.  We see ourselves playing the key role of  offering and linking each SMME to best value services that aid and enable their business to grow.  We are committed to creating value for shareholders, employees and the community in which we operate.


    We take pride in earning our Client’s trust with hard work and great results that exceed the client’s expectations.


    Everyone at Moeletsi Capital aims to provide work that makes both the Clients and the Team proud.

    Our Foundational Values


    What makes us different from other Accounting Firms is our ability to adjust to any situation at any given time.


    We are honest and reliable. We treat our employees, clients and stakeholders with respect.

    Community Development:

    We are committed to reshaping the future for today’s generation.

    Credentials & Certification

    Registered Business Accountants in Practice (BAP)
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